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​​L. E. "Ted" Geary 

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L. E. "Ted" Geary (1885-1960) was a versatile designer, with many great sailboats and commercial boats to his credit. However he also developed quite a following for his fantail motoryacht designs. Ranging between 60 and 110 feet, they shared the Geary look -- purposeful plumb bows, elegant fantail sterns, well-proportioned deckhouses and graceful sheerlines. With the exception of the 96-footers, each one was a custom design from the hull up.


Between 1928 and 1930, Geary collaborated with Lake Union Drydock to produce a series of 96' x 18'-4" fantails featuring minor variations on the same hull lines. Each vessel is still in operation today.


Principia, 1928. The only one of the four to be single screw.


Blue Peter, 1928.


Electra, 1930. Electra and Canim are of a bit lighter scantlings than the other two.

Canim, 1930


See "Principia, Recycled", by Maynard Bray, Wooden Boat, Number 123 (Mar/Apr 1995) and "Ted Geary, More than a Naval Architect", by Thomas G. Skahill, Wooden Boat, Number 137 (Jul/Aug 1997)

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