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Wanda was commissioned in 1922 as a custom coastal commuter at the historical Blanchard Boatyard in Seattle WA, by renowned Pacific Northwest Naval Architect Leslie "Ted" Geary.

In the 1940s, a salon was added to her main deck. In 1941, Wanda was commandeered by the U.S. Navy for coastal submarine watch duty due to her speed, size and wooden hull. The Navy replaced her three, gas Sterling engines with two, GM Detroit Diesel 671’s.


Throughout her life Wanda has been berthed mainly on the West Coast of the U.S., with much time spent in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay. She won the Alaska long-distance Classic Yacht Race in the 1960’s -- a 1,000 mile port-to-port race.


Wanda was purchased by Ret. Captain Andrew Roettger, who dry-docked her at Richardson Bay Boat Works, in Sausalito, California. At the yard, 126 of Wanda's 180 oak frames were ordered, in addition to the carling. Capt. Roettger ordered 4000 linear feet of Port Orford cedar planking (about 60%) to be replaced, along with  12,000 new silicone bronze fasteners. All of her teak rub rails and rail decks have also been replaced.

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